Only $789.00


This is the top of the line 200W inverter, featuring Blutooth control and RCD, With Colour LCD Detachable Screen
 Heavy duty aluminium housing

 Removable 2.4 inch Bluetooth colour LCD display with touch screen functionality for switching main unit on/off and displays inverter input voltage, amperage, output AC wattage and also low voltage warning
 Dual 240VAC outlet
 RCD switch for short circuit protection, instantaneous output cut-off for power leakage protection and to turn 240VAC output on or off
 Automatic AC transfer switch when it have 240VAC input detected
 Highly efficient power processing with 90% efficiency
 Permanent mounting points
 Low voltage warning at 11.5V with flashing voltage reading on the voltage gauge
 Shuts down output at 11V along with visible warning on LCD screen
 Over/under voltage, output short circuit, over temperature protection
 Automatic temperature reduction with rear cooling fan
 1 year warranty
Continuous Output Power2000W
Minimum Input Voltage11V
Output Voltage240VAC
Output Frequency50Hz
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
AC Transfer SwitchYes
Efficiency (Full Load)90%
RCD Switch protectionYes, 10A240VAC, t≤0.1s

Input voltage range11V-15V
Input Low Voltage Warning11.5V
Input Low Voltage Cut-off (requires manual reset)11V
Input over-voltage cut-off (automatically resets)15.5V
Standby current (When main switch is off)11mA
No Load working current (when main switch is on)0.5A-0.6A
Output Overload protection( Manual restart)2100W
Protection systems (Output)
Over/under-voltage protection, Overheating protection, Overload protection, Short circuit protection
LCD display functions
Displays output power, input voltage, input current and also has an on/off
button for switching unit on/off
LCD screen extra cable length
1.7m extension cable for LCD display unit 12V power supply
Wiring kitYes
Input cable type
70cm AWG3 (25mm²) 100% copper fully insulated
Internal operating temperature range-10°C - 50°C
Internal over-temperature protection (requires manual reset)60°C-65°C
External fuse specification150A
Input Reverse Polarity ProtectionNo
Cooling Fan
Single Brushless Fan (Automatic operation)
Fan control method
Temperature maintained at 40°C±10°C