Ritchie B 51 Bracket Mount, 2 3/4" Dial Compass
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High quality compass made in the USA!

RITCHIE NAVIGATION are the largest marine compass manufacturer world wide manufacturing the most reliable & accurate compasses for recreational and commercial use.

***This compass has been balanced for the New Zealand region (Zone 6). If your Compass is not balanced for New Zealand it will be inaccurate. IT'S VITAL TO CHECK THIS BEFORE PURCHASING A COMPASS!!!***


2 3/4" Easy to Read Direct Reading Dial

Adjustable and Removable with Bracket and Thumbscrews

Internal Green Night Illumination

Built-in Compensators to Easily Adjust for Deviation

Scientifically Matched Sapphire Jewel & Hardened Steel Pivot Dial Movement

Powerful DirectiveForce Magnets for Fast Heading Lock-on

Movable Sun Shield

High Temperature Composite Construction for Extended Operating Range

100% Repairable

Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty