Battery Charger 3 Stage Splash Proof 12v 4amp
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This PTC12V4A charger is a Value 3 stage charger, utilizing switch mode and fully automatic computer system control, designed to charge most 12 volt Gel, Lead Acid,  AGM and Calcium batteries.
Features and benefits:

•Fully automatic 3 stage charging
•Pulse mode technology that reduces oxidation, evens electrolyte consistency and minimizes temperature – prolong battery life

•Compatible with GEL, Calcium, Deep Cycle and conventional lead-acid batteries.
•Internal charger temperature monitoring and control

•Charging state LED indicator
•Zero volt minimum battery start up – can charging a completely flat battery
•Over charging, Reverse polarity, short circuit and over temperature protection

Input voltage: 230VAC /50HZ; Type: 3 Stage Pulse
Default battery type: Lead Acid; Protections:Over charging, reverse polarity 
Minimum start voltage: =0V, Operating temperature: -15? — +40?, Maximum charging current: 4A

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