UNIDEN BW3101 BABY MONITOR 4.3inch **Top Quality**
Only $285.00


From the range of award winning baby monitors, Uniden is pleased to introduce the latest in Wireless Video Monitoring Systems. This system has a large 4.3” colour screen designed to monitor the safety of your sleeping baby or kids playing with an exceptionally user-friendly, high quality digital encrypted monitoring system. This Baby Watch even lets you view your child on a smart phone from anywhere in the world.

The BW 3101 features a Digitally Encrypted System for Secure Digital Crystal Clear monitoring. This protects against eavesdropping and hacking for added Peace Of Mind.

With a handy "Walkie Talkie" Function, you can now talk to and soothe your baby remotely. The BW 3101 also comes with Temperature Display with Temperature Range Alert and a selection of Lullabies to play to your baby.

This system comes with a 4.3" Colour LCD Display Receiver so that you can see and hear your child, even in darkness, with the camera's special Night Vision feature. Night Vision gives excellent monitoring visibility without the need for the room light being turned on. However if you do require some light in the room the camera also has a Night Light. The camera also has a multipurpose adjustable clamp that simply enables the camera to secure to the rails of a cot, a shelf or stand freely on a bedside table. The system can even be expanded to accommodate 4 cameras.

Key Features

Monitor the safety of your children from anywhere in the world securely through the Skype App (iPhone®, Android™, Windows®

Secure digital crystal clear wireless solution

Temperature Display with Temperature Range Alert

Selection of Lullabies to play to your baby

"Walkie Talkie" Function which give you the ability to talk back to your baby to calm and assure the baby

Ability to Record up to 32GB on an optional Micro SD Card*

Expandable up to 4 cameras

Zoom and pan capabilities
Quad, Auto Scan or individual views
VOX (Voice activated) record and alarm feature
AV Out Function to Display on a larger LCD, LED or Plasma Screen
Night Vision
Night Light

Package Contents Includes:
1 x 4.3" (10.9cm) Colour LCD Display Receiver
1 x Portable Indoor Video Camera with Multipurpose Adjustable Clamp
2 x AC Adaptors
1 x USB Cable
1 x Owner's Manual