SOLAR PANEL , 80Watt , Monocrystalline, Quality
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Quality Monocrystalline solar panel. Compact, light and ideal for your boat.
When BP Solar offer polycrystalline solar panels why are we switching to a new technology? Solar panel technology has been fairly static in the last 10 years, however incremental improvements still occur.

The product is similar in quality to BP and we have no qualms about offering the same 20-year warranty on this product!

Our supplier has just commissioned a grid-connect 100kW solar plant in Greece and 300kW plant in Spain with these very cells.

Each panel is also uniquely identified with a barcode serial number for traceability and warranty purposes, and the test results for each panel are logged with that serial number so you can rest assured our factory means to ensure they supply a quality product and will stand by their claims of performan

* Maximum power: 80W
* Rated voltage: 12V
* Open circuit voltage: 21.8V
* Short circuit current: 5.23A
* Dimensions: 1200 x 540 x 28mm
* Weight: 8.2kg
12 months factory warranty.

These are not toys, like other low quality solar type panels