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This unit is Awesome. Its A Smart 10Amp Battery  Charger AND a Variable Voltage DC Power Supply PSU.
Outside of its vintage characteristics, the Powertrain PCS10A main selling point is its integrated power supply mode. Simply flick the switch to DC Supply mode and now you have a solid and powerful DC power supply that can be adjusted between 3.5v – 15v. Off course the units voltage and current meters now show the voltage you have set and the current being drawn.

One of the most common misconceptions we find is that you can simply use a battery charger to power an appliance / device. This is completely incorrect. Battery chargers' power and voltage is related to the battery it is connected to. They are not designed to provide constant uninterrupted power or be used as a power supply.
The inclusion of the analogue meters and DC Supply mode makes this unit as much as a variable benchtop power supply as a conventional lead acid battery charger. Particularly when compared to similar powered benchtop power supplies currently available!


Unique dual mode design. Battery charger and power supply modes
Fully automatic 3 stage charging
Suits AGM, Flooded and Calcium 12v batteries
Power supply voltage range 3.5-15v
Large analogue moving coil ammeter and voltmeter
Reverse polarity, short circuit, overload and high temperature protection
CE,EMC,SAA & C-Tick Approved


Input Voltage: 230-240v AC 50-60Hz
Output Voltage: 12v
Output Current: 10a
Charge Stages: Boost, Absorption and Float
Power Supply Voltage: Adjustable 3.5-15v DC
Dimensions: 182mm x 285mm x 145mm
Weight: 3.5Kg

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