20A Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display
Was $145.00
Now $130.00!


Protect your valuable solar installation and maximise battery service life with our photovoltaic (PV) charge controller. Microprocessor controlled with LCD display, this charger efficiently charges a vast selection of batteries from a wide range of solar panels. It even features an equalisation mode for wet type lead acid batteries, automatically cycles once a month for 2 hours.

*User adjustable charging voltages
*Suits wet or sealed lead acid, lead calcium, lead antimony, Ni-CD, NiFe batteries
*Microprocessor control PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for optimum charging
*3-stage, Bulk, Absorption and Float charge with status on LCD display
*Ampere Hour logging readouts in 3 sets, today and last 2 days
*5-state LED indications of battery levels
*Electronic overcharge protection and back current blocking to panel
*Dusk to dawn automatic on-off with 10 selectable on-off programs
*Adjustable battery low voltage level disconnect and reconnect for DC outputs
*Battery reverse protection

*Battery Voltage: 12V
*Maximum PV panel open circuit voltage: 26V
*Continuous load/charge current: 20A
*Maximum charge/load current (5 mins): 25A
*Operation current (no load and PV): 30mA
*Dimensions: 150(W) x 85(D) x 45(H)mm
*Weight: 470g
*Operating temperature: -10 to +50oC